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One-Stop Solution for Prototype Castings

- Eleven 3D sand printers operating worldwide

- Reliable quality and short lead time

- Various materials of iron, steel and aluminum


GK provides an one-stop solution for prototype sand castings.

Eleven 3D sand printers are operating in Germany, Japan and the USA.​



GK has extensive experience in aluminum body and white, chassis, battery housing and power train applications by supporting the global OEMs from the initial engineering phase. We consider and implement the requirements of mass production in prototyping.

Our one-stop casting solution provides support in part design, sand casting prototypes, and mass production designing.


Sand casting prototypes

Our sand castings provide quick prototypes with low initial cost in comparison to die cast parts. Our unique low pressure sand casting process is capable of minimal wall thickness of 2mm and has comparable properties to mass production parts.

Our 3D sand printing process "DMP" operates in Germany, Japan and the USA to directly print sand molds without any conventional patterns.

Our low pressure sand casting process can also be used for small-lot production parts up to 3,000 pieces per year. LPSC has high repeatability in quality which provides a flexible procurement option for low volume applications. In addition, sand castings have the possibility of more freedom in part designing. 

Applications such as limited series vehicles are optimal for our production.

Small-lot production




From 2018, Kimura Foundry (Japan) and Grunewald (Germany) started its collaboration to provide an one-stop solution for prototype castings. GK’s 3D sand printing technology "DMP" provides quick prototypes with reliable quality in various material grades of cast iron, steel and aluminum. Eleven 3D sand printers are operating worldwide in Germany, Japan and the USA.

GK supports various industries such as automotive, aerospace and energy, by providing wide casting solutions from the engineering phase.

Collaboration in Japan started in 2020

Grunewald's extensive experience in the field of aluminum body and chassis applications has supplied many prototype projects to global OEMs. Grunewald and Kimura have been working together in the Japanese market since 2020 to serve growing demands for light weight engineering in next generation vehicles. 

GK targets to become the most reliable prototype supplier world-wide



Our unique casting technology is capable of minimal wall thickness 2mm.

Various material grades of: Cast iron, steel and aluminum.

Properties are comparable to mass production die cast parts.


Mercedes-Benz​, shock tower

400x300x200mm, 5.7kg


Mercedes-Benz, longitudinal beam

1400x450x320mm, 7.0kg


Audi AG​, console

418x167x125mm, 1.6kg


Audi AG​, node part

474x209x226mm, 1.4kg


Audi Sport GmbH​, chassis part

415x306x220mm, 3.4kg


Audi Sport GmbH​, connecting part

494x364x243mm, 5.0kg



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Kimura Foundry Co. Ltd.

1157 Nagasawa, Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun,

Shizuoka-ken, 411-0905, JAPAN

Tel: ​+81-55-975-7050


Grunewald GmbH & Co. KG

Biemenhorster Weg 19, 46395,

Bocholt, Germany​

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